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CALL: Entries for Interieur Awards 2018


The Interieur Awards are organised in the context of the 26th Biennale Interieur and feature two distinct categories: Objects & Spaces. Imagine and develop a cutting-edge concept for a bar that will surprise visitors and exhibitors during the Biennale INTERIEUR 2018. Or send in a recently designed object that might be relevant to the living environment.
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Entries for the Interieur Awards will be judged anonymously by an international jury. Its members are prominent international professionals with relevant knowledge and expertise within the general field of design and architecture. During the Biennale INTERIEUR 2018 the winning bars will be realised and the winning objects will be exhibited.
designer, Germany

What is ‘design’ according to you? Design is a message which is always connected to the present and its society. It is not only about the looks, it is about a deeper layer of meaning.

Name an iconic piece of design. The 218 chair by Thonet. It still fascinates me how they made it possible to bend the wood in that way. This innovation made it into an inspiration for a lot of others chairs and products in the coming years.

If you could travel in time, which era in design would you like to visit? I think it would be the Art Deco times definitely with all these beautiful crafts and ornaments in design as well as in architecture.

Which aspects will you pay attention to while judging the awards? I think it is most important to see a personal, unique attitude and message of the designer in the product.

Do you have a piece of advice for young designers? Don´t just look for the big established design companies when creating a network or looking for producers. Try some local craftsmen in your town or country, as this will often create a very different interaction and maybe allow you to see more ways of creating.

designer, Belgium

What is ‘design’ according to you?  Design is a way to create fresh, innovative products while taking into account the social evolutions that our society goes through. But when it comes to furniture it can also refer to a personal approach to a new or existing typology, in order to create very differentiated and personal products. In that case, the designer is really creating his or her own universe. Design is the will to do something different, something more unique, with particular attention to details.

Name an iconic piece of design. I would go for the little red Valentine typewriter designed in 1969 by Ettore Sottsass for Olivetti. It is a pure industrial product but with a very strong attention detail: the graphic outlines, a smart transport case that highlighted a sense of freedom, a striking colour that made it all the more human. It is a perfect reflection of its time, of a Europe that was being transformed by the social events of 1968.

Which aspects will you pay attention to while judging the awards? I will try to make sure that what we are selecting is fresh and innovative. The designer has to show a capacity of developing a personal vision. I will make sure that the message conveyed by the product is readable by the general public. That the innovation in the product can be understood by just looking at the product, also by someone who is not a specialist, and that it remains as clear when published in the press. I don’t like it when design or art is too hermetic.

Do you have a piece of advice for young designers? See the world, look at people, trust your gut feelings, and go for it! Don’t stay on the side line, the world belongs to those wo dare to live their own dreams.

Bar Made/Found by Jon Kleinhample and Maša Lončarič of Klein Agency (USA), one of the winning bar concepts of the Interieur Awards 2016 / Spaces
Dimitri Bähler (CH), Grand Prize winner Interieur Awards 2016 / Objects © Raphaëlle Müller
Practical information 
26nd international Biennale
18 – 22 October 2018
Kortrijk, Belgium
Biennale Interieur vzw
Groeningestraat 37
8500 Kortrijk
0032 (0)56 22 95 22