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CALL: Citizen Cyberlab’s Online Coaching Course

Registration is now open for Citizen Cyberlab’s online coaching course for the SDGs, the Open Seventeen Challenge. We’ll host 50 students from around the world. The course lasts six weeks (2h/week + homework).

Our partners for this include Be Healthy Be Mobile (a WHO and ITU partnership for mobile health solutions) and Beth Noveck’s GovLab team. (Yet another amazing person I met at ITP!)

We coach participants through the steps of defining a project that tackles one of six mobile health challenges in an impactful way, using crowdsourcing and open data.

Participants whose projects are judged particularly promising will be selected for our two-month SDG Summer School in Geneva and China, all expenses paid.

Registration for the Open Seventeen Challenge is open until March 12 for Bachelor and Master level students.