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CALL: Web Audio Conference 2018

Web Audio Conference 2018, Berlin – Call for Submissions

The 4th Web Audio Conference (WAC 2018) will be held in Berlin on September 19-21, 2018 at the Technical University and SoundCloud in collaboration with the Furtwangen University.

The WAC is an international conference dedicated to web-based audio technologies and applications. The conference addresses research, development, design, artworks, and standards concerned with emerging audio-related web technologies.

The conference includes two days of talks, poster presentations, demos, installations and performances and a third day with workshops and tutorials. The attendees are invited to a banquet in the evening on the second day.

Please refer to the WAC 2018 website at for up-to-date information about the conference.

For any questions and requests contact us at or via the Twitter account @webaudioconf.


Emerging web standards such as Web Audio and MIDI, WebRTC, Media Capture and Streams, Media Source Extensions, Timing Object and many others open a multidisciplinary field of innovation that connects state-of-the-art audio techniques with the unique opportunities afforded by the web in areas such as social collaboration, user experience, cloud computing, and portability.

The Web Audio Conference focuses on innovative work by artists, researchers, and engineers in industry and academia, highlighting new standards, tools, APIs, and practices as well as innovative design and applications.

The scope of the conference encompasses, but is not restricted to, the following areas:

  • Web Audio API and other existing or emerging web standards for audio and music

  • Tools, practices, and strategies for web-based audio application development
  • Innovative web-based audio and music applications
  • Web-based audio production, delivery, and experience
  • Audio processing and rendering techniques
  • Frameworks for audio synthesis, processing, and transformation
  • Audio data and metadata formats and network delivery
  • Cloud/HPC for audio production
  • Audio visualization and/or sonification
  • Multimedia integration
  • Web-based live coding and collaborative environments for audio and music generation
  • Web standards and use of standards within web-based audio projects
  • Hardware and tangible interfaces in web applications
  • Codecs and standards for remote audio transmission

Keynote Speakers

The WAC 2018 features two keynotes by Chris Rogers (inventor of the Web Audio API) and Ruth John (web developer and creative technologist).

Submission Types

We welcome submissions in the following tracks: papers, talks, demos, and artistic works. All submissions will be single-blind peer reviewed. The conference proceedings will be published open-access online and will include papers, abstracts of talks and demos, and program notes of artistic works. When submitting a paper or talk, you also should consider submitting a demo of your work (requires as a separate submission in the demo track).

Papers (Plenary or Poster): Submit a paper to be given as a plenary presentation (max. 6 pages) or a poster (max. 4 pages). Paper submissions have to use the provided templates.

Talks: Submit a talk to be given in a plenary session. Talk submissions consist of an abstract and a description of the talk including an outline of the talk and a detailed overview of the presented work or idea (max. 2 pages) together with links to additional documentation.

Demos: Submit a work to be presented at a hands-on demo session. Demo submissions consist of an abstract and a detailed description of the presented work and setup (max. 2 pages), links to additional documentation, and a complete list of technical requirements.

Artistic Works (Performance or Installation): Submit a performance or installation making creative use of web audio standards. Works can include elements such as audience device participation and collaboration, web-based interfaces, and/or other imaginative approaches to web technology. Apart from an abstract, submissions to this track consist of a description of the work (max. 2 pages), links to audio/video/image documentation, and a complete list of technical requirements as well as short program notes (max. 5000 characters) and one-paragraph biographies of the authors (max. 1000 characters per author).

Workshops and Tutorials

The third day of the conference (September 21) is dedicated to workshops and tutorials. It’s the perfect time to dive deeper into topics learned at the conference with a more hands-on approach. If you are interested in running a tutorial session or a workshop at the conference, please contact the organizers directly at with a short description of your tutorial or workshop.

Free Attendance and Assistance for Contributors

The WAC is a community-run conference with a very limited budget. Nevertheless, we would like to make sure that at least one author of each submission selected in the peer-review process can attend the conference. For submissions that are not affiliated to an institution or corporation, authors can request the waiving of the conference fee (the request is limited to one author per submission and hidden from the review).

If you are from an underrepresented group and need further financial assistance to present your work at the conference, you can apply for financial aid at

Companies and institutions covering travel expenses and tickets for presenters without being involved in the presented work will be included on the sponsors page of the conference website.

Important Dates

  • February 12, 2018: submission system opens

  • April 23, 2018: submission deadline (updates possible until April 30, 2018)
  • June 15, 2018: author notification
  • August 17, 2018: final versions of papers, abstracts, and program notes
  • September 19-21, 2018: conference

Preliminary versions of all submissions are due on April 23, 2018. The submission system will stay open until April 30, 2018 allowing authors to update their submissions during that time.

Templates and Submission System

The submissions for WAC are handled through the WAC 2018 conference management system (EasyChair). In case you need assistance with your submission please contact us at

All submissions of papers to be published in the conference proceedings have to use the WAC 2018 templates for Word or LaTex.

Code of Conduct

By submitting your work to the WAC, you agree to abide by our code of conduct that can be found on Violations against the code of conduct will result in exclusion from the conference.