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CALL: Arizona State University, PhD Program in Media Arts and Sciences

The School of Arts, Media and Engineering is now accepting applications to our PhD program in Media Arts and Sciences

PhD Media Arts and Sciences

Media Arts and Sciences is a PhD program housed in the transdisciplinary School of Arts, Media and Engineering. Our doctoral students are provided unique opportunities to engage in knowledge creation at the intersection of computational arts and sciences using the most advanced practice-based and theoretical methods. At the core of this program is a commitment to designing curriculum tailored to each student-researcher in conjunction with our diverse faculty, labs, and centers. This allows us to facilitate the development of innovative, experiential media systems that can respond to the world’s most pressing challenges.

The School of Arts, Media and Engineering is devoted to producing research at the highest scholarly, artistic, and technological levels. The opportunity for active participation in transdisciplinary research teams allows Media Arts and Sciences doctoral students to gain valuable experience as both agents of their own research and education, while fostering opportunities for collaborative and embedded research.

Students admitted into the Media Arts and Sciences PhD program can pursue research at the intersection of any of these and other fields:

  • Acoustic Ecology

  • AI and Machine Learning

  • Auditory Culture

  • Critical Media Theory

  • Design

  • Digital Composition and Performance

  • Experiential Media

  • Food Design and Sensory Science

  • Interaction Design

  • Mediated Rehabilitation

  • Philosophical Technologies

  • Public Participation in Science

  • Responsive Environments

  • Social and Embedded Design

  • Somatic and Movement Studies

  • Speculative Design

  • Sustainability and Critical Climate Studies

  • System Engineering

  • Urban Climate Infrastructure

  • VR/AR


Apply Now

More information can be found at:

Application deadline: 7 January 2020


Teaching and research assistantship positions are available as funding allows. The school currently funds around 10 teaching assistants. In addition, nearly 20 research assistantships are currently funded from individual labs. Please contact individual faculty to inquire about funded positions in their labs. TA positions are usually considered by school after successful admission as funding is available.

The School of Arts, Media and Engineering

The School of Arts, Media and Engineering (AME) is built on the idea that the biggest and most important challenges require transdisciplinary approaches. AME and the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts embody an institutional philosophy to “fuse intellectual disciplines”. Our graduate programs offer students unique opportunities to work with faculty who have diverse academic specializations with deep knowledge and skills in complementary areas.

AME hosts state-of-the art facilities, including multiple motion analysis labs, black box performance spaces with infrastructure for sensing, audio and visual playback, a sound research lab, a technology development lab, a visual media lab, a BSL-1 certified design studio, and a large fabrication/maker space for students to ignite their creativity in their projects. We use cutting edge equipment for hardware and software development, and provide access for students to check out items as they are needed.

Arizona State University is a world leading Research-1 University. The School of Arts, Media and Engineering is located on the Tempe campus in Arizona, within the larger Phoenix metropolitan area. Tempe is a growing Sonoran desert city and is rapidly attracting and originating a wide range of technologically focused innovation in the public and private sectors.