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CALL: Fellowships for Voter Registration and Voter Education

Are you interested in doing nonpartisan electoral work (voter registration, Voter Education, Get Out the Vote, etc) for the 2020 election? Are you worried that it’s hard to do that without some guaranteed income? How about getting a fellowship to support people working with nonpartisan election organizations working on the 2020 election? Some NYU Wagner faculty are I am working with some other faculty to raise funds from a foundation and a crowdfunding campaign to support this work for students and graduating seniors for June-August and a few weekends in the fall or the entire period from June-November 3. It will strengthen our proposal if we can demonstrate interest from students. So we have a quick one question survey.

The fellowship level would probably be $5000 for undergrads and $7500 for graduate students for the summer, with some additional resources if you continue through the election. (We would not reveal any names to anyone, just numbers of potentially interested students). This is merely an expression of possible interest — you are under no obligation and in any event fellowships will only be awarded by application. The form will collect your NYU email so that we can follow up with you if we are successful in raising funds and/or if you have questions about what this kind of work might entail.
The quick one question survey is here

Thanks in advance.

The deadline is Thursday, February 13 by 9:30 AM.

John Gershman
Clinical Professor of Public Service
Robert F Wagner Graduate School of Public Service