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JOB: Metaverse Gallery Designer



Greetings Metaverse Creators,

I am looking for a 3D artist proficient in Unity to build a digital gallery in the “Metaverse”. This artist will work from detailed sketches under the creative direction of award-winning artist, Anatola Araba. Familiarity with Monaverse,, or Mozilla Hubs is a plus. 

About the project: 

This digital gallery exists to highlight diverse and innovative storytellers who are using film, art, and emerging technology to reimagine the world as it could be. 

We will feature work that is both visually stunning and communicates a positive message, such as presenting a solution to climate change, systematic inequality, or over-consumption. 

While this gallery exists to showcase cutting-edge art, the gallery itself will also be a work of art. Complete with stunning textures and sophisticated design, this Metaverse Gallery will inspire wonder and awe in all who enter. 

Link to moodboard:

About you:

You are the perfect Metaverse Designer for this project if…

  • You are knowledgeable about the Metaverse/NFT/Web3 ecosystem
  • You have experience building beautiful, surreal, architecturally innovative 3D spaces in Unity
  • You have a portfolio showcasing your 3D artwork that includes buildings/landscapes
  • You are able to bring designs to life based on sketches, detailed notes, and direction 
  • You are good at taking feedback and implementing notes
  • Are reasonably available for a few hours each week until early March to execute this project


Final gallery design due by mid-to-late February 2023.  


$555 – $1,200 depending on experience and fit. 

If interested, please apply on Behance or email me directly at with a brief introduction and your portfolio. 

Looking forward to creating with you!


Anatola Araba

Reimagine Story Lab