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CALL: cfp D-ART @ iV 2023

Please submit your work for the D-ART at the International Conference on Information Visualisation organized by London and held this year in Finland by February 15th. No charge, form below. Please share. Thank you.  




Last name:   

First Name:   





Submission Details:  

Titles with a short note on the aspect of the work contributors:   

Student Work: YES □ NO □  

Short Biography not more than A4-SIZE.  



Please print, complete, and sign this form. The agreement must be received no later than the submission.  Failure to do so will result in the Digital Art Gallery D-ART, and the Conference’s inability to utilize your submission(s). This acceptance agreement is a legal document. It explains the uses that the Digital Art Gallery makes of presented material and requires you to acknowledge that you have the rights to use this material. This may involve seeking clearance from your employer or from others who have loaned you material. The agreement helps prevent situations whereby the Digital Art Gallery and the conference presentations include material without permission that might lead to complaints or legal action. In addition, this agreement asks if the Digital Art Gallery and the Conference may use your materials for conference and organization promotional material in exchange for full author/artist credit information.  


I have the necessary rights, permissions, and/or licenses to grant permission for use of the materials. I retain the copyright to my work and will receive full attribution whenever the material is used.   

I grant non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide rights to the Digital Art Gallery and the Conference to present the material described in the submission form. In the event that such materials contain the work of other individuals or organizations including any software, trade secret, copyright, trademark, patents, and any other proprietary rights included therein, I understand that it is my responsibility to secure any necessary permissions and/or licenses, and I will not hold the Digital Art Gallery or the Conference and its affiliates responsible for any failure to do so.   

 I grant non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free worldwide distribution rights to Digital Art Gallery and the Conference publish and distribute the material in the following publications and/or distribution channels. I have the necessary rights, permissions, and/or licenses to grant such rights to publish and distribute the material.   

The following lists publications utilized by the Conference and the Digital Art Gallery for the presentation of your material.  I hereby give my permission for use of my submissions in the following ways:  

  • Documentation of your content in any printed form by the Digital Art Gallery or the Conference,   
  • Documentation of your content in any electronic conference or gallery publications,  
  • Content used for any websites affiliated with the Digital Art Gallery or the Conference.  

I have secured small performing rights licenses for use of the public performance of any copyrighted musical composition.   

I have secured synchronization licenses for the inclusion of any copyrighted musical compositions in any multimedia presentations.   


If I believe that the Digital Art Gallery or Conference has unreasonably modified my submission to change the character and expression of my submission, I agree that my sole and exclusive remedy shall be to send notice, requesting the discontinuation of that particular use. Upon receipt of such notice, the Digital Art Gallery or the Conference will discontinue such use, and/or make the appropriate changes deemed necessary.  







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