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JOB: Malmo University looking for a programming teacher for Interaction Design students

Job listing

About Malmö University

Malmö University is an innovative, urban and international institute of higher education, located in the centre of Malmö. We have around 1,800 employees and 24,000 students. Our research and education are characterised by the role we believe a university should play in an open society — to contribute to sustainability and equality in a scientifically grounded way with external partners and stakeholders. Identifying and addressing the challenges of the future are of highest priority. Our researchers and students work collaboratively to create, share and spread knowledge in order to understand, explain and develop society — both locally and globally.


The Faculty of Culture and Society is a multidisciplinary faculty that includes three departments: the School of Arts and Communication, the Department of Global Political Studies and the Department of Urban Studies. The Faculty conducts doctoral studies in the following subjects: Global Politics, Interaction Design, International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER), Media and Communication Studies and Urban Studies. The Faculty hosts two of the university’s five research centres.

Read more about the Faculty of Culture and Society here.


The School of Arts and Communication (K3) have around 100 employees and 1,100 students, and we offer interdisciplinary education at first-cycle, second-cycle and third-cycle levels in media, culture and design. Here, scientific and academic theory and methods are combined with artistic and practical elements. In terms of organisation, the department contains three units: Design, Humanities, Language and Cultural Production, and Media and Communication Studies.

Many of our teachers and researchers are active in groups and networks such as Comics Research, Artist Based Research, Nordic Network for Research on Working-Class Literature, Oral History and research programmes such as the Data Society as well as the research platforms Redem, Medea and Collaborative Future making and the Internet of Things and People (IoTaP) research centre. A large part of the teaching and research is carried out together with external partners and stakeholders.

Read more about the School of Arts and Communication here.

Work duties

Interaction design at K3 includes bachelor, masters and doctorate-level education. These are all international educations, with English as the language of instruction. Research topics of the interaction design-affiliated faculty include novel modalities and understandings of interaction and participatory design practice.

You can find more information about the programme here:

  • Teaching and leading bachelor-level interaction design courses: This can involve development of class plans, learning resources, conducting examinations and advising students.
  • Support industry relations: Plan and execute activities that connect industry with students, for example guest seminars, industry visits and supporting internships.
  • Quality improvement: Participate in programme development activities.


Those qualified for appointment as a Lecturer must be a person who has demonstrated teaching expertise, has been awarded a second-cycle degree or has the corresponding academic competence or some other professional expertise that is of value in view of the subject matter of the post and the duties that it will involve.

A teacher at Malmö University is expected to have university teacher training corresponding to at least 15 credits, or corresponding formal university teacher training, which is determined through validation. New staff members lacking this training must, within the scope of their appointment, commence such training within one year of assuming their position.

Since Swedish is the official language at Malmö University, all employees are expected to learn basic Swedish within a two-year timeframe.

Specific requirements for this position:

  • Bachelor-level education in interaction design, human-computer interaction or similar.
  • Portfolio which demonstrates ability to craft modern and professional graphical user interfaces using an industry-standard rapid prototyping tool.
  • Portfolio which demonstrates ability to program using TypeScript/JavaScript, CSS and HTML to sketch and prototype interaction.
  • English language fluency.

The following would be of benefit for the position:

  • Creative pursuits involving the design and making of interactive technologies.
  • Industry experience involving UI design and/or prototyping.
  • Teaching experience, especially of teaching technical subjects to design students.
  • Projects and open source contributions using ES6+ TypeScript/JavaScript.
  • Doctorate or masters’ level education in a field which supports other courses in the programme.

In addition to formal competence, University employees must possess the personal capacities necessary to perform the duties of the position well and to represent the University in the best possible way.

Assessment criteria

Accordning to the Appointment Rules at Malmö University, the assessment crieteria for a position as Lecturer are:

  • Documented competence in the field
  • Documented ability to collaborate with actors in other parts of society with a clear connection to education and research

Teaching expertise relates to:

  • Documented experience in pedagogical development work and a reflective presentation of their own pedagogical outlook and practices
  • Documented experience in teaching at a high standard
  • Documented ability to link research and education with regards to both content and teaching

Further information

Acting Head of Department Per Linde, 040–6657162,

Acting Head of Unit Helena Ondrus,

For general employment and procedural questions, contact Elin Tegnestedt, Human Resources,

In our recruitment work, Malmö University has taken a stand regarding recruitment channels and marketing. We therefore decline all offers of advertising and recruitment assistance in connection with this advertisement.

You can read more about the benefits of working in Sweden here:


You apply for this position via Malmö University’s recruitment system by clicking on the “Apply” button. As an applicant, you are responsible for ensuring that your application is completed in accordance with the job advertisement, and that it is submitted to the University no later than 2023-02-22. The application must be written in Swedish, English or any of the Nordic languages. As an applicant, you are responsible for the application and its appendices being translated.

The rules for appointment of teaching staff at Malmö University are regulated in the Appointment Rules at Malmö University.

Merits and qualifications must be documented according to Qualifications portfolio for lecturers/researchers at Malmö University.

Books and any other documents, such as publications, that cannot be sent electronically should be sent in triplicate in an envelope marked with reference number REK 2023/16 and posted to the HR Department, Malmö University, 205 06 Malmö. If the documents weigh more than 2 kg, they should be sent to the delivery address: HR Department, Malmö University, Matrosgatan 1, 211 18 Malmö, marked with reference number REK 2023/16.

According to Malmö University’s qualifications portfolio, the application must include:

  • Documentation of research expertise
  • Documentation of teaching expertise
  • Documentation of expertise in engagement with wider society

The application must also include:

  • Personal qualifications portfolio (personal data, employment history as well as competencies and skills)
  • Copies of degree certificates and other relevant certificates
  • A brief account of research, teaching and other activities relevant to the position to which the application pertains, including a description of how the applicant envisions their future research and teaching
  • The primary scientific and educational work to be considered (maximum three of each)


This is a permanent, full-time position. A probationary period of six months may apply.

Malmö University is a workplace and higher education institution that is characterised by an open and inclusive approach, where gender equality and equal terms add value to our activities.

Malmö University applies individual salary setting.

Start date

June 1st, 2023, or by earliest convenience and agreement.

Union representatives

Saco-S, Rebecka Johansson, +46 406657753,

OFR, Martin Reissner, +46 406657266,


We are looking forward to receiving your application!


You apply no later than 22/02/2023 by clicking the apply button.