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JOB: Three.js Graphics Programmer / Creative Coder, Leo Villarreal Studio

Three.js Graphics Programmer / Creative Coder

An art studio in Brooklyn, NY is seeking a graphics programmer with three.js expertise and
experience writing custom shaders to lead development on a generative art project that extends
an existing body of code.
Primary duties of the position are:
Clean up, optimize, and document existing code.
We have an existing body of code built on three.js that we would like to optimize and extend.
Several developers have worked on the code, and we are looking for a single person who can
familiarize themselves with the project, optimize it to improve performance, comment and
document the code, and serve as lead developer in extending the project for future use.
Improve preset saving system.
The project has an authoring interface that allows the artist to set approximately 75 parameters
and save the data to an Airtable database. We’d like to improve how the data is saved, perhaps
introducing a folder system to manage presets.
Add features as requested.
Work directly with the artist to develop new features based on creative direction. Advise on
feasibility of different features, propose performant solutions, implement, test, and document
new features.
Develop automated testing software, test and benchmark code.
Develop and lead a testing program to identify any issues in the code, verify cross-platform
performance, and determine minimum specs necessary to run the code.
Development will take place between March and July, 2023. We are looking for someone
who can commit at least three full days per week to the project, with preference given to
developers who are available to work from our studio in Sunset Park, Brooklyn as needed.
To Apply.
Send resume/cv and links to work samples to threejsjob@