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Student Call: Student Cluster Competition


The Student Cluster Competition
The SCC is an annual competition in which undergraduate teams build a supercomputer cluster, tune
it over the course of several months, and ultimately test it against other teams in a live 48-hour contest
at the Supercomputing Conference. As a participant, you’ll interact hands-on with cluster hardware
from vendor partners, run computations based on real-life research, and gain access to a host of
learning and networking opportunities in high-performance computing.
Spring 2023: Meet intermittently to prepare a hardware proposal and team strategy.
May 15: Team application deadline.
June 15: Team application decisions.
Fall 2023: Meet weekly to build the cluster, run benchmarks, and practice job scheduling.
November 11-17: Travel to SC23 in Denver, Colorado.
Application Requirements
● Team members must be undergraduates graduating after November 2023.
● Be prepared to attend weekly meetings, dedicate practice and development time, and travel to
the conference in November. Students are expected to spend 8 hours per week on average.
● No specific background is required, but enthusiasm for learning more is a must! You will use
and build skills with hardware, electrical engineering, networking, cloud computing, job
scheduling, and parallel programming.
Fill out the response form! Submissions close March 1.
Visit the SCC website to learn more. If you have specific questions, email

NYU’s participation in the SCC is organized by Research &
Instructional Technologies’ HPC team.