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CALL: Maker Music Festival 2023 “Call to Makers” is now OPEN

ANNOUNCING: The 2023 Maker Music Festival “Call to Makers”


February 17, 2023

You’re invited to participate in the 3rd annual, 2023 edition of the Maker Music Festival!


On May 20th & 21st, 2023 “new” maker exhibits will be made public, showcasing the latest projects from DIY music and instrument makers. Along with the collection of new (and existing) projects, we will meet online that weekend for demonstrations, interactive activities and performances that showcase the creativity and ingenuity of the maker music community.

For a visitor to the site, the experience is akin to a real world ‘open studios’ tour. They can navigate from building to building and ‘visit’ the inhabitants therein. Each maker has provided video, images and text that describes themselves and their work. There are also links to social media, additional videos and maker websites. Visitors can also ‘tip’ a maker via the maker’s chosen payment method.

If you are a music maker, we want you to apply! A music maker is someone who has crafted their own unique musical instrument. It may be made from traditional materials, scrap materials, modified electronics, altered playback devices, electromechanics, or an AI driven robot. The works also include non-physical works like algorithmic music and interactive applications.


First Round of “Call to Maker” applications are due by April 16th, 2023.


In 2021, we launched the virtual version of this festival and after 2 years, our campus has grown to over 300 projects that are accessible year-round. We anticipate that 2023 will bring in more interesting maker music projects from around the world.

This year, in collaboration with a team of educators from University of St. Thomas and their Playful Learning Lab, we will be adding a building focused exclusively for educators, specifically those focused on K-12 music education. In addition, a series of hosted “field trips” will be offered throughout the year to share and showcase more information around Maker Music Festival makers and their projects.

The Center for New Music in San Francisco will dedicate their “Window Gallery” during the month of May & June 2023 to Maker Music Festival makers and their projects, and there will be live performances at the C4NM on Thursday, June 8th (details to follow).

If you are a Music Maker, please join our community. Simply visit and sign up. If you participated last year, simply login to your account and add your new project. And, if you would like to curate a building, please email us at:

Thank you.

Joe Szuecs and Sherry Huss


Maker Music Festival 

Sherry: 1-415-902-2050

Joe: 1-707-2915956


Save the dates:

  • March Maker Music Festival Community Meeting – March 5th, 2023 online

11am PT/ 1pm CT/ 2pm ET/ 7pm GMT/ 8pm CET

  • April Maker Music Festival Community Meeting – April 16th, 2023 online

11amPT/ 1pm CT/ 2pm ET/ 7pm GMT/ 8pm CET 

  • May 20th & 21st, 2023 – Maker Music Festival – online

Join us on Discord – Maker ONLY Discord invite: 

→ Community Meeting info on the MMF Discord site ←