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INTERN: with Douglas Rushkoff

> Douglas Rushkoff, here. I’m looking for two or three interns to
> work with me – for credit or not – on the creation of a 5-10-minute
> video documentary for the web, based on the premise of my upcoming
> book “Life, Incorporated.” The work will take place between
> September and May, and you are free to sign on for one or both
> semesters.
> I’ve made two major documentaries before (The Merchants of Cool and
> The Persuaders, both for PBS Frontline), so I should be able to
> offer the experience of working with a professional non-fiction
> filmmaker, as well as the opportunity to explore the translation of
> traditional documentary making to the interactive space.
> You should bring to the table at least one well-honed video
> documentary skill – shooting, research/stock-footage gathering, or
> Final Cut.
> This will be the first official project developed under the
> auspices of the The Narrative Lab at ITP, and will be finished and
> premiere at ITP at the launch/press party for the book.
> If you’re interested, email me directly at
> I’ll send you a copy of the introduction to the book, and we can
> set up a time to meet. If you want credit, talk to your advisor as
> soon as possible about whether they would approve this for you, and
> how many credits you want to earn.