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JOB: RoR Web Developer at User Experience Design Company at ZURB

job is in California, bay area
> Company: ZURB
> Job Title: RoR Web Developer at User Experience Design Company
> Company Description: For over 10 years we’ve helped 75 startups
> generate more than half a billion dollars in market capitalization and
> become leaders in several world markets.
> We’re not a Web design company. We’re not a graphic design agency.
> We’re not a visual design company. And we’re not a bunch of sissy
> artists… We’re interaction designers and strategists that help grow
> businesses. (Oh, and we’re not just a bunch of dudes with expensive
> chairs, either.)
> Pay Description: Competitive Salary
> Job Description: ZURB ( is looking for a Ruby on
> Rails Web developer to work with our design strategy team. We’re a
> close-knit team that helps companies design better web sites,
> services, and products online. We’ve been around over 10 years and
> have over 75 startups in our client roster. Our clients range from
> large, well-known companies that we’ve helped for years (e.g.,
> Photobucket, Zazzle,, the New York Stock Exchange) to
> brand-new startups just finding their feet (Qik, TinyPic). They all
> came to us based on our reputation of delivering killer ideas that
> work. We’re creative thinkers, risk takers and refuse to look at our
> work as just a job. We like fun projects and constantly push each
> other to get better at our craft.
> Need a reason to join the team? Here are 17:
> 1. Food. We stock the cabinets with food. Yeah, most of it’s full of
> sugar, but we try to throw in some healthy snacks. Cup o’ noodles is
> still a weakness for some of us though.
> 2. 401k plan. All you have to do is say how much and we do the rest.
> 3. Health insurance. 100% coverage.
> 4. And eye care. We also take care of those eyes.
> 5. And teeth too. We have dental coverage. Got to impress those
> clients :)
> 6. Cell phone coverage. Can you hear us now?
> 7. Profit sharing. We’re a team of entrepreneurial-thinking workers.
> It’s important to us that everyone see the benefits of their hard
> work.
> 8. Free dry cleaning. Hate dressing up? We’ve taken the hard work out
> of putting on the snazzy dress shirt or blouse.
> 9. Free house cleaning. Yep, we think getting stuff done at home is
> just as important as getting stuff done in the office.
> 10. A growing library. Need a book? Just put it on the wish list and
> it will be added to the ZURB library.
> 11. 3 weeks vacation. And all those common holidays too. Work hard,
> play hard.
> 12. Lunches. Now and then we like to order sushi, and if you’re
> working late we don’t mind chipping in for dinner.
> 13. Start-ups. Some people go work for start-ups. At ZURB you get to
> help start start-ups.
> 14. Challenging work. We believe that everyone has a brain to think