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JOB: Ruby On Rails Developer for Animoto

Animoto is looking for a Ruby on Rails Developer

Description: is looking for a few solid Ruby devs to join our small
team of kick-arse developers. We’re a well-funded startup that has
been making a big splash all over the press, from the New York Times
to TechCrunch. We’re not looking for code monkeys–we want to find
people who care about their code and who want to be challenged and
grow in their skills.

Who we are:

Here’s our blurb: “Animoto is a web application that, with the click
of a button, produces videos using images and music that a user
selects. Using their patent-pending Artificial Intelligence developed
to think like an actual editor & director, the resulting video has
the emotional impact of a movie trailer and the visual energy of a
music video.”

To be honest, that text just doesn’t do us justice. Check out this
link to get a more accurate picture. Or, if you won’t take our word
for it, here’s what the TechCrunch guys have to say.

Who we’re looking for:

We’re not going to list 100 technologies you need to know to join our
team. Through our hiring process we’ve determined that there are only
a few must-haves to pass the bar. Our biggest requirements are:
# You understand computer science fundamentals (data structures/
# You are a good fit for our team (can you learn from others? can you
collaborate well?)
# You demonstrate that you can attack problems creatively and have a
flexible mind

Notice there is no Ruby in there? Good. Chances are you already know
Ruby if you’re reading this job post, but if not, a person with the
above qualifications can be taught Ruby pretty quickly. You can teach
someone Ruby, you can’t teach them to think. If you do have extensive
Ruby/Rails experience, that is definitely a plus, but isn’t our sole

On top of that, here are the technologies that we use that would be
helpful for you to know: Rails, Merb, Capistrano, Git, Linux, HTML/
DHTML/CSS/Javascript, Ajax, AWS (S3/EC2/SQS/SDB), RESTful APIs, async
processing/messages queues (Starling, BDRB, etc), Nginx, Apache +
Phusion Passenger, Haproxy, SQL, db optimization

Nathan Meagher
CFO, Animoto Inc
247 Centre Street, #3b
NY NY 10013