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[Intern] Eyebeam Artist looking for Interns

Eyebeam Artist seeking Creative Interns=A0

Seeking the assistance of 3 or more interns for completion of E=
yebeam residency -=A0=A0

My name is Di Mainstone and I creative weara=
ble structures that initiate interaction and performance.=A0 Some links to m=
y work:



Music, sound tech Intern for Silephone Project:
Seeking assistance with sound generation par=
t of the project, particularly someone who is experienced with Pure Data, ma=
inly working on lowlevel software design, as well as get the actual mixing s=
oftware put together.=A0 We are also hoping for advice as to which loud spea=
kers to incorporate into the instrument. The Silephone is a wearable instrum=
ent that mimics the urban soundscape, releasing layers of pre-recorded sound=
which are=A0 activated when the wearer places the instrument on their shoul=
ders.=A0 As the wearer explores the instrument through touch, gesture and br=
eath the sounds are slowly reduced and=A0 stripped away one by one, creating=
silence.=A0 As the wearers gestures cease the urban noise slowly reappears.=
Picture of the project is attached.=A0

Graphic D=
esign Intern for website:

This would involve producing graphics for the websites that w=
ill document the project that I have been completing at Eyebeam.=A0 The work=
has a strong aesthetic, so it would be a case of finding innovative ways to=
complement the work through graphic design.=A0 Producing artwork and passin=
g it on to Nelson who is building the site.=A0 Pictures of the projects are =

Wearable =
Design and Construction Internship for 2d3d Project:

Looking for someone who would like=
to get hands-on with the construction process of assembling the wearables.=
=A0 Knowledge of the laser-cutter would be useful, but not essential.=A0 Ski=
lls in illustrator would be helpful also for creating vector images of new p=

Film maki=
ng, editing and fashion photography Intern for both projects:

Seeking help with the doc=
umentation of final projects.=A0 We need to make a film for both projects.=
=A0 A film and photos documenting the wearable instrument 'Silephone&#39=
; being worn in the street. Film and photos showing the 2d3d structures bein=
g found in the street and assembled on the body.=A0 See attached pix for aes=

If this w=
ork suits you or any of your friends, please get in touch with me, Di Mainst=
one at the following address: