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INTERN: Motion Graphics/ Jitter/ Max-MSP Intern Fall 2010

Motion Graphics/ Jitter/ Max-MSP Intern Fall 2010

Would you like to explode a film in to three dimensions and walk in side it? New Media Artist and Director Reid Farrington is looking for aid in the continued construction of the video elements for his next performance installation, Dickens: The Unparalleled Necromancer. Openings begin immediately and will continue through the Fall.

Dickens: The Unparalled Necromancer is being co-produced by Performance Space 122 and is scheduled to premiere in December 2011. A work shop presentation will be shown at the Abrons Art Center in Nov./ Dec. 2010.

This work is a variation on Charles Dickens‘s ghost story. No other story has had as many interpretations into film. Drawing from this body of work and social commentary about the story, Farrington will collage together a new version that brings the cinematic world of film alive on stage.


October – January, Creative Abrons Art Center New York, NY

Stage Construction/ Rehearsal:  November 23 – Dec. 12

Work shop showings December 10 & 11 Abrons Art Center


Ideal if applicant has experience or has a strong desire to learn After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Isadora, Jitter/ Max-MSP, and DVD Studio Pro. Responsibilities include, project and media management, a creative eye, ambition to learn, and some free time.  College/ Grad. credit in exchange for aid in construction.

To apply, please send an email to j DOT reid DOT farrington AT gmail DOT com with the subject “I want to be inside a movie” with your resume, and a general and technical description you knowledge and skill level.