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[JOB] Job Opportunities: MTA Headquarters Seeking Web Developer and Internet Communications Manager

Hi All,

The MTA is looking for a Senior Manager of Internet Communications and Technology and a Senior Web Developer.

If you’re interested, go to

(1) Review the Privacy Policy and click “Agree”;
(2) Select “MTA Headquarters” on the Careers page;
(3) Select “Last 3 months” under “Posted” and you will see the description of both positions toward the bottom of the list and instructions on how to apply.

(Sorry for the multi-step process. There are no direct links to the postings.)


Here are summaries of the job descriptions:

Senior Manager, Internet Communications & Technologies

This position creates and implements long-term strategy for all internet communications between the MTA and the public as well as within MTA Operating Agencies. Will drive front-end web development while keeping abreast of all new technologies to determine their usefulness and appropriateness in serving both the public users of the MTA website and the MTA itself. Provides oversight for all MTA internet, intranet, and mobile website initiatives, social media, paid internet advertising, and internal and external email communications, creating and ensuring implementation of standards for information architecture, content and graphic presentation.

To accomplish these goals the Senior Manager works closely with the staffs of all MTA agencies, including IT, marketing communications, press and other staff at HQ and the Operating Agencies, advocacy groups, developers, and other related groups, and through face-to-face, oral and written communications, presentations, position papers, and documentation, as well as on- and off-site training. The Senior Manager creates working groups to ensure that MTA policies are adhered to, while at the same time providing customization capabilities to the agencies to ensure accuracy, creativity, timeliness, and growth of all internet communications. Coordinates with the Director of Marketing &
Corporate Communications and the Deputy Executive Director of Corporate and Community Affairs in creating content, staffing, and budgeting for the website.

Senior Web Developer

Will assist the Senior Manager, Internet Communications and Technologies on all areas of content creation and maintenance for the MTA internet, mobile, intranet and extranet web sites, including working with MTA Agencies and consultants; designing and coding new web applications and content; developing and maintaining a content management system (CMS); evaluating and designing a database for web content and applications; evaluating and advising on all technical aspects of the MTA web environment (i.e., frameworks, information architecture, database design, collaboration tools, change management, etc.); keeping web site current and standards compliant; reviewing and optimizing existing web pages; and providing off-hours support for urgent MTA requests on a 24-hour basis. The position will be required to design and model the MTA web database, as well as create proper and relative database structure for MTA web applications and pages.