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INTERN: Digital production interns needed at Open Road Integrated Media (ORIM)

Digital production interns needed at Open Road Integrated Media (ORIM)

Skills Needed:

The ideal candidate will be highly motivated and have an interest in the production end of ebooks and ebook marketing and content management, as well as online experience and facility with new media and social networking.

Working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (CS4+) is required. Knowledge of HTML/CSS is required.

Experience with content management systems is a plus. Undergraduate degree required.

Must be able to receive school credit.

Projects and Responsibilities May Include:

–               Developing and processing content for ORIM website and internal use.

–               Developing and processing marketing material for promotional/advertising use.

–               Developing/monitoring campaigns for Social Networking outlets (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

Department Overview:

Open Road Integrated Media’s marketing team bridges the traditional world of book marketing with the dynamic, fast-paced world of digital media. CMO Rachel Chou is guiding the development of the company’s web marketing platform, which fuels Open Road’s content syndication and publishing presence on the web and on mobile devices. Chou is leveraging the worlds of social media, viral distribution and emerging technologies to market Open Road and its publishing partners’ ebooks and syndicate Open Road’s premium marketing content. She is using traditional and digital platforms to connect authors directly with their readers and to give them access to data related to their marketing and sales efforts.

Under Chou, the department oversees marketing, advertising and promotions, and publicity, as well as technology integration on publishing partnerships, eriginals, and author branded backlist items. Department responsibilities range from directly interacting with authors and conducting archival research to developing engaging marketing materials and finding online portals for video content to reach current and potential readers, to building and filling sections of the ORIM website with relevant content while focusing holistically on authors as brands.

The marketing department is looking for fall digital production interns to work closely with members of the marketing department on the development of these marketing, publicity, and promotional efforts. The position will provide exposure to exciting digital initiatives and new business models in digital publishing, as well as the opportunity to work closely with supervisors and make a tangible contribution during your semester.

About Open Road:

Open Road is a digital content company that publishes and markets ebooks by creating connections between authors and their audiences across multiple platforms.

Financed by Kohlberg Ventures and led by CEO Jane Friedman and President Jeffrey Sharp, ORIM leverages its partners’ experience and relationships to enhance titles from literary giants and introduce new stars to readers. The company’s e-books offer a 360-degree world of existing and originally produced premium content that is marketed through a new online proprietary platform.

Hours: Up to 25 hours per week.

Please send resume and cover letter to