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INTERN: 2011 Urban Art Mapping Summer College Internship at The NYC Department of Design and Construction

Deadline to apply is Friday, March 18!

Summer Internship Program The New York City Department of Design and Construction (DDC) is the City
agency whose goal is to deliver the City’s construction projects in a safe, expeditious and cost-effective
manner while maintaining the highest degree of architectural, engineering, and construction quality. DDC’s
Summer Internship Program is an opportunity for a select group of students to gain valuable experience in
the architecture, engineering, design, and construction management professions within a public service
context. Students will gain hands-on technical experience through specific field assignments and a mentoring
relationship with senior-level technical staff. They will also have the opportunity, through a combination of
seminars, site visits, and training opportunities, to learn about the challenge of upgrading and maintaining the
City’s public structures and infrastructure.
Target Audience The program is geared toward students of engineering or architecture entering sophomore/
junior/senior or 5th Year Program in college, or in graduate school.
Length of Program The 10-week Internship begins Monday, June 6, 2011 and ends on Friday, August 12, 2011.
Structure of Program
• Each intern will be assigned to a bureau within a Division.
• Each intern will be assigned a mentor. The intern and mentor may:
– work together directly, or
– meet regularly to discuss issues, ask questions, etc.
• Each intern will either be assigned to a regular project for the term of the program, or may rotate
through different types of projects, depending upon the availability of projects and/or the mutual
determination of the student and mentor together (with ultimate decision regarding the assignment
of the intern at the discretion of the Director).
• There will be a regular program of meetings/seminars with DDC senior staff and/or senior staff from
other capital agencies, e.g.
– DDC Commissioner, Deputy Commissioners of Infrastructure and Structures
– Office of the Mayor
– Other client agencies
• Some of the meetings/seminars may take the form of structured field trips to key sites/projects, e.g.
– Seminars on such topics as: “NYC: Service: “The Changing Face of New York’s Neighborhoods:
A Population Update” and El Museo del Barrio.
Field trips to significant projects, such as: “Reconstruction of Edgemere Urban Renewal Area-
Phase C1 Project”, in Far Rockaway, The City Hall Intern Tour, Central Queens Library/Children’s
Library Discovery Center”, Brooklyn Children’s Museum, the Lion House and Madagascar
Exhibits at the Bronx Zoo, Wolfe’s Pond Park and Lemon Creek BMP in Staten Island, and NYC
Service Projects (Volunteerism Programs requested by the Office of the Mayor)
– Barbeque at Gracie Mansion
• Interns will also be included in any scheduled technical training that takes place over the summer.
• $375-$425 per week for undergraduate students depending on school year
• $475 per week for graduate students
Number of Participants Students will be assigned to each of the agency’s major divisions: Infrastructure,
Structures, Office of Creative Services and Technical Support.
• The Infrastructure Division is responsible for managing construction of the City’s watermains, highways,
roadways, and sewers.
• The Structures Division is responsible for managing the design and construction of City buildings
including firehouses, courts, cultural institutions, day care centers, police stations, and libraries,
establishing and coordinating design policy for the agency, and ensuring that design quality is
maintained throughout the project approval process.
• The Office of Creative Services handles graphic design and the agency’s percent for art program.
• The Technical Support Division provides Site Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Environmental Health
and Safety services to DDC’s other divisions.
Applications Applications for the program will be accepted through Friday, March 18, 2011. Participants will be
notified of results by Friday, April 29, 2011. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
Rev. 02/07/11
A. Applicant
The Structures Division is responsible for the design and construction of buildings for 22 client agencies. The
Division designs, renovates and builds libraries, museums, cultural institutions, transportation facilities, health
centers, tuberculosis clinics, day care centers, senior centers, fire houses, emergency medical stations, courts,
correctional facilities, juvenile detention centers, police precincts, schools, and other buildings that City
agencies need in order to serve the public, assists consultants and DDC’s project management in realizing
designs that inspire pride in the City. In addition, the division is involved throughout the project life-cycle, from
needs assessment and scoping through consultant selection, milestone reviews and finally, during construction
and beyond. In broad terms it establishes and coordinates design policy for the agency, ensuring that design
quality is maintained throughout the project approval process.
The Infrastructure Division is responsible for the design and construction of roadways, sewers, water mains
and Pedestrian Bridges/Retaining Walls for the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the
Department of Transportation (DOT). After DEP or DOT determine the need for a sewer, water main, roadway
or Pedestrian Bridges/Retaining Walls project and provide the funding, they send the project to DDC to design
and build it.
The Office of Creative Services has two units, graphic design and percent for art. The graphic design unit
prepares agency presentation materials, exhibits, print material and is redesigning the agency website. This
office is also handling graphics projects of a variety of types for many City Hall clients. The percent for art
program project manages commissioning and installing art projects in new City buildings.
The Division of Technical Support provides Site Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Environmental Health and
Safety services to DDC’s other divisions.
C. Assignments
D. Preferred Assignment
B. Information
Available after (date)
Degree Program
Area of Specialty (if any)
In the Fall, I will be entering my year (sophomore, junior, senior, 5th year
program, 1st year graduate school, etc.)
Structures Division
Office of Creative Services
Infrastructure Division
Technical Support Division
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Please check your preferred assignment for the Summer Internship Program 2011.
E. Personal Statement/Application Packages
Please prepare a brief statement (no more than 250 words) describing your short term and long term career goals, and what
you hope to accomplish/experience by participating in DDC’s Intership Program.
Please attach a copy of your resume to this APPLICATION FOR DDC SUMMER INTERSHIP PROGRAM 2011 form.
Application packages (including application, resume, and personal statement) should be sent to:
DDC 30–30 Thomson Avenue 4th Floor, Long Island City, NY 11101
Attention: Susan M. Wuest, Deputy Personnel Director
Applications, resumes, and personal statements must be received by Friday, March 18, 2011. Incomplete packages will
not be considered.
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