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JOB: summer opportunity with – New Media Assistant

New Media Assistant

Sahara Reporters – a prize-winning hi-tech website that spotlights corruption, bad government and abuse of authority in the oil-rich nation of Nigeria, using text, video, photos and contextual reports from hundreds of citizen journalists in Africa’s most populated country, is looking for summer interns.

Candidates should have strong skills in any or all of the following fields: broadcast technology, video, editing, web site development, social media, marketing and promotion. Resumes should be sent now to

Sahara Reporters has its origins in student civil rights activism. Government crackdowns on the pro-democracy, environmental movements and the execution of community leaders including Ken Saro-Wiwa created the conditins for the birth of an activist internet community and an internet site where citizens could report and document abuses of the public trust and theft of national assets. Now in its 6th year, Sahara Reporters is viewed daily by thousands of Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora. It has been called “the Wikileaks of Africa” by a former New York Times reporter.

Become part of a movement of citizen journalists striking a blow for good government. Stipends are available.