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INTERN: Internship Opportunity (paid) / Social / Political Issues and Social Media

We’re looking for a paid development intern to help work on a major social listening project in the political/issues space.  The task is to analyze twitter streams to create an opinion pulse about issues and work with major political and issue advocacy groups to help them make sense of data using new cutting edge APIs like Google Prediction.  We’re working to help nascent political parties in places like Egypt and around the world organize and understand the sentiment of people so they can be more effective advocates of real and important issues.  Developers would also have the option to join the team full-time and continue working with us to publish results and eventually turn the project into media if they’re interested.  The project will also be used to start an engagement platform to help candidates get out the vote among the 18-35 age group and drive participation in civic organizations.
Please email for more information.  Thanks!