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[INTERN] NYU’s Office of Sustainability

NYU’s Office of Sustainability is improving environmental performance throughout our operations while fostering a campus culture of sustainability and public engagement.

NYU Sustainability is currently seeking an unpaid intern (for-credit / core major requirement students preferred) to assist with the office’s communications, engagement initiatives and public campaigns. This position will equip the student with the real-world skills and knowledge to engage diverse audiences through written and visual media focused on sustainability challenges and solutions.

Responsibilities include managing NYU Sustainability’s social media presence, drafting copy for visual and written marketing campaigns and newsletters, conducting research to improve NYU Sustainability’s current and future target initiatives, and coordinating communication efforts for public campaigns, participation opportunities, events, and university-wide standards for efficiency and conservation. The student will support NYU Sustainability staff and engage with the NYU community to foster sustainability on campus and in the city. Candidates should have demonstrated experience or skills in marketing / communications / visual media / social media / graphic design, and should demonstrate that they are environmentally-minded and well-versed in current environmental issues. Candidates should also be familiar with NYU’s past and current sustainability initiatives, and come with innovative and fresh ideas to drive behavioral change at NYU. Adobe Suite (Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator) experience is a plus.

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to