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[INTERN] Harmony Institute Technology Intern – Spring 2012

The Harmony Institute (HI) is looking for a Technology Intern for Spring 2012 – ideally a creative hacker and technologist interested in human behavior and decision-making. Please see the description below or attached PDF.

You can also find the most up-to-date information on employment at our website. Please forward to anyone you think would be a good fit and post to any relevant networks. Thanks!

Job Description
The Harmony Institute has a paid technology internship position for Spring 2012. The Institute seeks a technology intern to work in: data research and visualization, web and software development, and interaction design. The position requires a commitment of 2 days per week from January – May 2012.
Qualified applicants should have solid coding, technical architecture, and technology research experience.
Duties include:
      • Data research (API’s, schemas, extraction, visualizations)
      • Designing and coding web sites & applications for experiments
      • Designing and coding interactive data visualizations with Processing, openFrameworks, etc.
      • Brainstorming with staff on connecting technology to social issue research
      • Help with quantitative and qualitative evaluation processes
Ideal applicants will be able to write and present to staff about their technical research and development. Strong candidates will also have an interest in social issue research, media research, and social science.
Relevant majors include: Computer Science, Interaction Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Design & Technology, Computer Art or other creative technology equivalents.

How to Apply
Send cover letter explaining your interest and skills, resume and portfolio to: info (at) harmony-institute (dot) org.

Please write your name (Last name, First name, HI Tech Intern Spring 2012) in the subject line of your email.

We will accept applications on a rolling basis. Early applications are encouraged.

Application deadline: January 31, 2012.
About the Harmony Institute
The Harmony Institute (HI) is a research center founded in 2007 to further an understanding of how mainstream entertainment can educate and engage US audiences on decisive social and environmental concerns.

The Institute is focused on measuring the impact and influence that entertainment can have on social and environmental issues. By combining tools from the academic, nonprofit and commercial worlds, HI’s research illuminates for media creators and funders the reach and influence of social issue entertainment. This methodology is a critical component of HI’s mission to increase awareness of the role media can play in addressing pressing social issues.

In June 2010, HI released its first publication, FTW! Net Neutrality For The Win: How Entertainment and the Science of Influence Can Save Your Internet. The guide offers a concise overview of the policy debate surrounding “net neutrality,” as well as a communication strategy derived from the behavioral sciences, that assists communicators looking to influence the discourse. In July 2010, HI was featured in a New York Times profile titled, “Adding Punch to Influence Public Opinion,” and the following December, HI received a grant from the Ford Foundation to further develop its innovative methodology with the evaluation of one of 2010’s most widely discussed social documentaries, Waiting for “Superman.”

To learn more, visit