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ESI Design is one of the world’s foremost interactive design firms, working with corporate and institutional organizations to provide innovative communication and experiential activities for exhibits, retail environments, and public spaces.
The firm is looking for an intern to work on a number of projects with design staff.
The intern will be invited to work at the ESI Design offices in New York for 10-12 weeks to help in the development of an AV prototype workshop and physical computing lab.
Candidates should possess the following qualification:
  • Self motivated and interested in exploring different AV technologies
  • An understanding of physical materials and basic construction techniques
  • A desire to play and innovate combining both known and new technologies and materials
  • An interest in interaction design from both the physical and technical perspective
  • Basic programming skills, production skills or graphic design skills
  • Understanding of current technologies and an interest in developing ideas/products for the better user experience in both physical and digital realm
  • Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams for developing and executing design ideas.