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[INTERN] need C/C++ programming experience on OSX or Windows

Personal trainer Mike Creamer’s looking for someone to help him with a project building a computerized training program for a rowing machine.  The machine Mike’s working with features an open source software interface now, which you can see here:

Mike’s interested in making a custom interface for this rowing machine, that works with the wattage-based training he coaches his clients on. He’s got no budget for this project, but it could be a good internship project for someone with some programming experience in the environments listed, who’s looking for a real-world project to develop.

I can advise on the project, but I’m not familiar with the libraries involved. I’ll be going to see Mike and the bike this afternoon, because I’m curious about it.

Mike used to be Red’s personal trainer, and has donated a bike or two that have been cannibalized over the years. Anyone interested should contact him below as follows:

Mike Creamer <>
Anatomically Correct
142 Wooster Street,
New York 10012