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[JOB / TEACHING] Designing After-School Workshops, Beam Center

Beam Center is seeking teaching artists to design and lead after-school workshops in technology, imagination, and craft for kids in grades 2-6. Workshop leaders at Beam Center design their own curriculum and teach from their own practice and interests. Most of our workshops are project-based.
Beam Center faculty are passionate about making and doing, ambitious, curious, and eager to share. We look for specialists and generalists. Technicians and big-picture people. Architects, engineers, sculptors, ceramicists, carpenters, printmakers, coders, circuit benders, story tellers, naturalists, and scientists. We welcome applications from those who have a lot of experience teaching and those who may be newer to it.
We’re looking for making projects with a strong narrative and connection to the world at large. We are especially interested in teaching artists with unique or far-out approaches to sewing or coding.
We’re hiring after-school workshop leaders for spring, and possibly beyond. Spring workshops run April 28 through June 19. Workshops run on the same day of the week for 8 weeks Each session is 1.5 hours, 4-5:30, and we ask teachers to be at Beam Center 3-6 on days that they are teaching. Workshops run Monday-Thursday. Total teaching time is 12 hours. Pay is $125 per workshop session, so $1000 for 8 week workshops.
Beam Center is located at 47 Bergen St, in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. For examples of the kind of workshops we run, see: