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JOB/INTERN: Full Time INTERN, Invention Design, CP+B




The Room for More Possibilities is a stealth innovation unit developing invention designs, concepts, prototypes and new forms of storytelling to inspire new emotional links  between people, objects, brands, technology and culture.

We are interested in experimenting with transitions between the virtual and the physical as new storytelling space. We want to re-imagine what the connection between technology and our world could be. Our process is about asking ‘what if?’, investigating, imagining and even dreaming in order to encourage thinking about the kind of world we would like to live in.


Re-imagine what the connection between technology and our world could be to open new storytelling space for people and brands.

Challenge assumptions, preconceptions and givens about the role products, brands and technology play in human life.

Experiment with transitions between the virtual and the physical as new storytelling space.

Make room for more alternatives and possibilities of new emotional links between people and brands.

Invent new forms of storytelling:  objects and experiences to inspire new emotional links between people, products, brands, technology and culture.

Visualize and fast prototype invention proposals through tangible techniques including: sketches, storyboards, models, prototypes.

We are here to imagine and to inspire.

Positions Available: 

Room for More Possibilities – Invention Design Intern (Boulder only)

What you will get: 
During the internship, you will learn about the various departments in our agency that make the wheels turn.

You will work under some of the greatest in the industry.

You will change culture.

You will create.

You will be paid.


Educational and Experience Requirements: Candidate must have graduated college or be graduating by December 2015.

We are looking for original thinkers and makers interested in blurring lines between:  Creative Technology – Product Design – Storytelling – Creative Strategy – Invention Strategy,  to join our team.

Our team is composed of Poetic technologists, Invention Strategists, Invention Designers and wild cards. 

We are looking for original thinkers and resourceful idealists who use imagination and empathy to have new thoughts about stuff around them and turn every project into an opportunity to do something new.

Some of the qualities and special skills that ensure success in this opportunity

  • Imagination
  • Original thinking
  • Resourceful idealism
  • Delusional positivity
  • Fast prototyping
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Design thinking
  • Active curiousity
  • Empathy for how people inhabit material objects and technology with humanity
  • Interest in pixels, making up words, coding, prototyping, hacking, storytelling, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and physical computing can be a big plus

Please note that this is a full-time internship with a minimum of 40 hours per week.

To Apply: Fill out the application and submit your resume and portfolio link or pdf (please keep pdf files under 5MB). In a cover letter, please clearly list the following:

  • The position for which you are applying