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[TEACHING / GIG] Code_in a Day Facilitator, Decoded


Title: Code_in a Day Facilitator

Are you an experienced web designer or software developer who is looking to freelance?

If you are passionate about code and a superb communicator, apply now to join our team of expert facilitators and run our day-long courses.

Our teachers are the best working developers and data experts in the world, teaching people from the world’s coolest companies, empowering them with confidence and knowledge. As well as professional developers and data scientists, our diverse team is made up of academics, entrepreneurs and teachers.

About Decoded

Decoded exploded onto the scene in 2011 with our revolutionary Code in a Day course for professionals. We empower people with vital knowledge about how software is built. People absolutely love it, leaving “transformed”, “inspired”, and “enlightened”, as confident, code-savvy digital citizens. We transform people into the kind of clients developers would give an arm to work with.

Our clients include: Unilever, Microsoft, Viacom, Turner, Google, The Guardian, ZenithOptimedia, TBWA, BBDO, J&J, General Electric.  To name just a few!

Our team enjoy totally flexible days, opportunities to run workshops all over the world, a fantastic network of like-minded people, and the joy of teaching their skills to the movers and shakers of today.

It is immensely rewarding at the end of a session. Nothing beats the feeling of leading a group of people to digital enlightenment.

What makes a great Decoded Facilitator?
Decoded facilitators are endowed with an ability to keep calm and remain unfazed when solving technical issues, they are a reassurance rather than an amplifier of natural worry when things do not go according to plan; they can move things along without making people feel rushed and will tend to listen more than talk when communicating with clients.
Our Code_in a Day facilitators must possess enthusiasm for technology especially the web, the internet and future platforms,  along with an understanding of how tech and digital is involved in people’s personal and business lives. All facilitators must be able to bug check and problem solve basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


A Decoded facilitator will ideally be developing software professionally or on a regular basis and enjoy a  detailed knowledge of web technologies. Being a JavaScript ninja is not required but facilitators must be able to communicate clearly and confidently about technical subjects. Facilitators should possess an understanding of business and an ability to relate technological challenges to business tasks will improve delegate experience.

If you think that you are our kind of person, please get in touch!