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[INTERN] Robotic Church

Robotic Church Internship
The Robotic Church is a site-specific installation and performance series by Chico
MacMurtrie / Amorphic Robot Works.
The Robotic Church is composed of 35 computer-controlled pneumatic sculptures
ranging in size from 12 inches to 15 feet. Installed in Chico MacMurtrie’s / ARW’s
studio, a former Norwegian Seaman’s Church in Red Hook, Brooklyn, these robotic
sculptures are capable of performing, individually or as a group, a defined range of
sounds and movements at the onset of communication through rhythm.
The Robotic Church opened to the public for the first time in September 2013 for a 3
month performance series which was featured in the New York Times, Artinfo, Creator’s
Project, Hyperallergic and more recently on WNYC / The Green Space.
We are currently preparing for a 2nd performance series in the fall and are looking for
several interns to help us with different aspects of the Robotic Church. Interns
interested in Robotic Sculpture will have opportunities to help design, build and
program inflatable soft-robots in addition to working on the Robotic Church.
We are looking for interns who have 2 or more of the following skills: Fabrication,
mechanics, electronics, machining, welding, assembly, computer control (midi / Arduino
based), music composition software programming, instrument building and tuning,
model building, lighting design, CAD, Photoshop, layout (Adobe ID), communication.
This is an opportunity to join a team of passionate and creative people in order to
expand your skill set in a fun and fast paced environment.
For further information please visit:
Please find us as well on Facebook and Twitter: