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[INTERN] Hachette Book Group

Hachette Book Group is a large trade publishing house and are looking for a summer intern to work on ebook development.  This is a paid internship. In particular, we are looking for candidates with web design and HTML skills.  The specifics can be read online.
The Hachette Digital Product team is seeking an intern to work on interactive ebooks. The intern will use web technologies to create interactive features in ebooks, develop and refine tools to facilitate the production/conversion from print of ebooks, assist in/contribute to conception, design, testing, and implementation of new enhancements to improve the digital reading experience.

Skills required: Javascript, HTML5, CSS3.

Knowledge or proficiency of the following is a plus: Backbone or similar MVC framework, SASS, mobile-first/responsive design, emphasis on refactoring, writing maintainable code, proficient with CSS animation, familiarity with html templating language (such as mustache), git/github, grunt for automation, familiarity with EPUB package format, JSON. Special attention will be paid to candidates that are working towards BA, BS, or certification program in Computer Science, Web/Digital Publishing / Graphic Arts / Media Technologies or a related field.