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OPP: Downtown Game/AI Project Needs Production Interns

Downtown Game/AI Project Needs Production Interns

Kindly consider joining our small team of experienced interactive craftspeople who come from places like Disney Imagineering and Electronic Arts. We’re in the middle of an interactive narrative project that employs AI in an entirely new way for a terrific, resume-worthy client and we need some help!

Please contact:

We are looking for:

PHOTOGRAPHY PROS (or people who just love taking photos)
You’ll be assigned missions in various neighborhoods around our fair city and asked to document their completion through a variety of recording methods, including audio, video, and photographs. Basically, you’ll be stepping into the shoes of one of our characters and creating artifacts which we will turn into … well, you’ll have to come and see for yourself.

We need some help designing UIs, characters, and artifacts from our stories. Especially exciting are the kind of Photoshop skills that enable you to forge what appear to be government documents or newspaper articles. No, we are not doing anything illegal, but if you’re good enough to do illegal things, we want you.

We’re creating AIs, but like many good parents, we too easily ignore the weaknesses of our progeny. Come and be cruel to our children. Test our technology so we can make it better and, if you’re interested, learn to write for interactive AI characters so you can stay on top of the coming robot uprising.

If you have any interest in video production, on-the-fly cinematography, editing, motion graphics, or just want to spend some time exploring New York in a fresh way, give us a shout. We are looking for a range of production talents … and if you’re a selfie-enthusiast, we might even find a place for you on camera!

We are in Chinatown, near a very pleasant park. We have an open office in a building with a creepy elevator. If you sit in our office, you will probably be on a couch, from which you will see trees. It will be warm in the summer and cool in the winter. You should have your own laptop. We are mostly Mac people, but don’t really care provided you have most of the tools you need to be productive.

We would like to start someone as soon as that person is ready. If you’re awesome, you can stay as long as you like. We’ve had good experiences with interns in the past. We are cool but not super cool with what time you get in and try to be pretty reasonable in general.

If any of this sounds interesting, send us salient details about yourself and your availability. We are open to PT or FT help and while we can’t offer much in the way of financial remuneration at the moment (happy to discuss), we will cover expenses, bolster resumés, and write incredible letters of recommendation. If all goes well, we are excited to form longer-term relationships.

One thing: you won’t be able to tell anyone what you’re doing for a little while. You’ll understand when you see it. No worries re: resume, etc. when the time comes. Thanks.

Please contact: