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INTERN: Creative Technologist at Droga5

As a Creative Technologist at Droga5, you bridge the best of both worlds: creative concepting and digital execution. In your position, you make magic by thinking of ideas that are not only interesting and user-friendly, but are feasible. You’re an open-minded creative thinker during concepting, a self-starter when you jump into prototyping and/or designing and a collaborator during production. As part of a fledgling group of creative coders and designers, you’re on the front line of pushing the envelope of how to combine technology and creative execution for our clients.

Your work and interests span across as many mediums as there are to make interesting things: web apps, VR, AR, mobile apps, UX, UI, experiential and/or any emerging technology. You intelligently combine technical and creative worlds without using technology just for the sake of technology. Most importantly, you have a genuine passion for it all and love to work with others on it.

Job Responsibilities

  • Be the bridge between creative ideas and execution.

  • Collaborate closely with technical and non-technical people.

  • Think innovatively;be on top of what’s new, interesting and help lift creative work.

  • Prototype, prototype, prototype.

  • Solid coding skills.

  • Package and present technical thinking in an approachable way to be better sold to our clients.

Job Qualifications

  • A diverse and creative portfolio.

  • BA/BFA or equivalent in Computer Science, Design, Media Arts preferred, however we’re open to alternatives (i.e. different studies, just work experience) as long as you show you’re qualified.

  • Self-motivated and willing to learn new things.

  • One or more of the following hard skills:

  • Strong knowledge of prototyping-related software (Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Principle, Origami Studio, InVision or Framer)

  • Hardware prototyping

  • Front-end development (HTML/CSS/JS frameworks)

  • Back-end development

  • Native code (iOS, Android, etc.)

  • 3-D software (Unity, Blender, etc.)

Brian Moore <>