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JOB: CIID is looking for two instructors for a 2-week TUI course

The Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design is looking for two remote instructors for a 2-week course on Tangible User Interfaces/Connected Products. Details below; feel free to message me if you are interested and I can connect you to the staff there. (Note the students are in Costa Rica, not Copenhagen, so folks in the Americas are in good time zones to match up with the teaching day :) Taught in English. 
“We’re thinking of this as an advanced minimum 2-week Physical Computing module, and the dates potentially could be late September or early October. The instructors will be remote, but students will be able to work in small groups and can access the lab for protoyping or at least to pick up items from the studio and have them working at home.
The time commitment is similar to that of a two-week workshop which runs from morning to afternoon. Instructors would be working with students based in Costa Rica, so the time zone is Mountain Daylight Time, and the start/end times can be flexible.
The students have already had a two week introduction to physical computing, so these two weeks would be going deeper into TUI. Connected Products, IoT, learning communication protocols (HTTP, OSC, BLE, etc) are some areas of interest.”

Paula Teshe/her

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