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INTERN: Unpaid for videography/content editing for podcast with musician

My name is Alyssa Castiglia, and I am a record label and music publisher A&R who is co-producing a podcast/music/gaming livestream called “Julian’s Party” with illustrious NYC musical artist Julian Soto and the lauded fashion, art & music non-profit organization VFILES, and we are looking for an NYC based intern to help us with videography and content editing for college credit via the 5013C VFILES. College credit is all we can offer at this time as we are just getting this series off the ground but we hope to expand this in the future.

The internship candidate would need to be available on Mondays from 1pm-8pm for the livestream at the VFILES studio in SoHo and will in total between the shoot and editing amount to no more than 10 hours per week. Do you have any students who would be a good fit for this? Or is there an internship portal I can post on?


Julian Soto has created music as the singer and songwriter in the band JIL and as a core member of Onyx Collective, whose recent song “Tango” features Julian & Princess Nokia on vocals with production by Chromeo. He has been writing, singing and performing his own music for the last decade in his hometown of NYC and around the world.

Last year, Julian was a recipient of the VFILES Lab grant to fund his forthcoming solo project. The VFILES Foundation provides the next generation of cultural innovators with the resources they need to reimagine and redefine the world. Through innovative and inclusive community programming, Their offerings span across incubation, education, grants, R&D, and policy, and their mission is to increase business ownership for creators in underrepresented communities (BIPOC, Women, LGBTQ+) through seed grants, mentorship, training and exposure.

Bringing his expansive knowledge of music, basketball and gaming together in one place, Julian has now teamed up with VFILES to host a livestreaming radio podcast from the VFILES storefront in SoHo that involves speaking with community leaders, musicians, visual artists, athletes, and other prominent and up & coming New York talents.

This podcast will be livestreamed on VFILES & Julian’s own channels on Twitch, Youtube, Instagram Reels and more, with an audio component going live on streaming platforms such as Spotify later this year.


Alyssa Castiglia

Senior Director of Creative at Primary Wave // A&R at Arista Records

music mgmt for producer The Idiot & artist Algee Smith