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JOB: teach intro physical computing at City Tech

The Emerging Media Technology program at CUNY City Tech has an opening for an adjunct faculty member to teach a section of our Technical Production course for spring semester 2023.

A description of the course:

Technical Production involves an interdisciplinary project conceived by the course professor that engages students in our four concentrations in the Emerging Media Technology program: physical computing, game development, music technology, and media computation.

Some examples of past projects:

– interactive web app for visualizing/manipulating a graph theoretical game
– installation with an anthropomorphized “agent” that communicates verbally with the audience and senses the audience’s movements
– video game projects, including 3D interactive games in Unity and AR web applications
– fabrication of a novel wireless “orb” for manipulating audio in real-time

Note on hours/salary: this would be 6 contact hours (we count a 50-minute interval as an hour) plus 2 office hours for 8 hours/week for 15 weeks. PSC-CUNY adjunct pay rates here:

The class is currently scheduled in two segments on Monday, in-person, 11:30am – 2:00pm and 2:30pm – 5:00pm, but we can make it online/hybrid if necessary, move the day, or split times across two days to accommodate scheduling.

Please email Adam Wilson at if interested.