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INTERN: Volvox Labs Internships

Volvox Labs
 is a new media art studio.
Driven by nature, we seamlessly fuse the digital and physical to create work that moves, inspires, and elevates the human experience.
At VVOX we design, program, and fabricate interactive experiences for brands, art, architecture and public spaces. Our team is made up of a collective of different media artists and designers. We are always observing, tinkering and pushing the limits of technology.
All positions at Volvox Labs are in-person, working out of our studio in the lovely neighborhood of Greenpoint in Brooklyn NY.


As our Motion Graphics Design intern, you are passionate about pushing the limits of storytelling through visuals, pace, and motion for a wide range of projects and formats. You have some solid foundations in After Effects and/ or C4D, and keep yourself informed with motion trends, tools, and plug-ins on a daily basis. Our work in the studio spans from mood-board creation, motion samples for interactive, and large-scale immersive environments using projection mapping and LED screens.


As our Creative Tech intern, you are passionate about new media art, interactive technology, and experiential design. You will be a part of every step of our production process: prototyping, implementation, and installation. You will interact with our tech team and assist them in concepting and delivering one-of-a-kind virtual and physical experiences. Communication skills and willingness to learn are key; every project is different and requires a unique approach.

As our Physical Design intern, you are passionate about technology-embedded installations, digital fabrication techniques, and exploring new technologies in fabrication.