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INTERN: Paid Textiles and Robotics Internship Opportunity at Louisville

Paid Textiles and Robotics Internship Opportunity in Louisville
This internship is amazing for someone who:
Has some hands-on experience in textiles and P-comp
Is an undergrad
Won’t graduate until after August 2023
Is a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
Can be an arts/interdisciplinary studies student, but will be comfortable working with engineers. The program is highly interested in the potential of cross-disciplinary collaboration.
The P.I. will be Dr. Cindy Harnett:
The project will integrate weaving on a CNC Jacquard machine with soft circuitry and robotics
The internship is fully funded for $6K, free housing, plus travel stipend.
They are eager to hear from IMA students who fit this profile even though the call PDF suggests science/engineering students.
The application deadline is March 10th.