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INTERN: Intern for a Live Arts/New Media project

ISO: Intern for a Live Arts/New Media project

Looking for an intern with an interest in live arts, theater, and new media to support the development of a new performance project. The project will be in residence at Nancy Manocherian’s the cell theatre in New York from March 13 – April 2. Specific schedule is flexible according to the intern’s availability, but the residency working hours will be 10 am – 6 pm Monday – Friday for three weeks. Duties include: dramaturgical and directorial support, supporting the creative team with logistics and materials, coordinate scheduling, take notes during rehearsals, etc. Additional duties to be determined in conversation with the intern, based on their interests and skills. ielele / BodyMouth is a live sound / movement work in which dancers wear sensors on their bodies to sound out words by enacting specific gestures in sequence—literally, turning the body into a mouth. “ielele” are female forest creatures in Romanian folklore whose eerie voices led men astray: whoever heard their songs became instantly mute.
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