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INTERNSHIP: Micro Museum

in 2024, Micro Museum is working on developing and preserving its exhibits and digital assets.

A $500 budget has been established for an interested and qualified intern who will be paid $20/hour to assist with this project.

Micro Museum is operated by a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, Promote Art Works, Inc. at 123 Smith St, Brooklyn.

It is envisioned that the work will be completed over the coming weeks in January and February starting as soon as a qualified and interested candidate is found and approved.

The goal of this work is to inventory, catalog and preserve the things that we and our artists have done over three decades so that they can be shared with future generations.

The work needed is assistance with inventory, which means a mix of – art handling, restoration, cataloging, documentation, organization and inventory of physical and digital assets.

The project work times are flexible and are envisioned to be 5 hours per week scheduled at mutually convenient times on Fridays and Saturdays. The intern will get paid $20 per hour amounting to $100/week which will be paid by check at the end of each week’s work.

The intern will be working directly with me, William Laziza, as my assistant as we go through Micro Museum’s archive and storage systems.

Please contact William Laziza for more information:

William Laziza
Technical Director
Micro Museum