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INTERN: Dirt Empire Studio Assistant

Seeking part-time skilled studio assistant for paid internship at Dirt Empire. 

Dirt Empire is an award-winning hybrid production company/creative studio out of Dumbo, Brooklyn. We specialize in designing and storytelling for live events and mixed reality experiences. We work across many industries: art, music, journalism, filmmaking, tech, crypto, award shows, etc. We produce projects in VR, live projection, film, broadcast, installation and stage design. Past clients include The New Yorker, NAACP, United Nations, Atlantic Records, Beyonce, Weezer and the UFC. 

Candidates must be creative and inter-disciplinary. Working knowledge of some combination of digital creative software is a must; Adobe Suite, Blender, Touch Designer, Unity etc. Undergraduate degree from an art or design program is a big plus. Ability to ideate across multiple softwares and skills a must. We will be producing slide decks as well as production media. 

This role would be good for aspiring multi-skilled creatives – creative technologists, animation/VFX artists, game designers etc. 

We DON’T expect everyone to be able to do all of the above but some combination is necessary. We DO expect people to also be happy engaging in occasional lower-level tasks when in the office i.e. running errands, grabbing coffee, and miscellaneous physical tasks. 

Platforms/Software experience (Mac or PC) 

Productivity Software: Google Docs, Slack, Notion 

Adobe Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere 

3D: Maya, Cinema 4D, Rhino, Blender, Houdini. Fundamental understanding of modeling, lighting, texturing, dynamics etc. 

Film: DaVinci, Fusion 

Interactive: Unity, Unreal, Processing (Java/Python), Touch Designer 

Aesthetic/design/theory background:Graphic Design, Architecture, Illustration 

Film/Media production: Directing, Editing, Storyboarding, Producing, Screenwriting 

Good communication skills, being proactive, ability to work with a team and eagerness to learn is a must. Candidates will be exposed to different technical and creative pipelines. 

  • The position would be 4-8 hrs/day 2-3 days/week depending on project schedules. ● Includes travel stipend and occasional meals on-site. 
  • Stipend based on availability $25/hr max $2000-$3000/month. 
  • Payment every two weeks – you must log your own time. 
  • This can be combined between in-person and remote. 

Please send resume/portfolio to Thank you