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INTERN: Internship to hack embedded devices, like ipods, PDAs, wifi routers

> From ITP Alum, Hans Steiner

> Come hack with me at Eyebeam:
> Embedded Hacker Intern
> Eyebeam Resident Hans-Christoph Steiner is looking for an intern to
> help develop projects for reusing embedded devices such as wifi
> routers, PDAs, iPods, etc. The intern will be expected to share the
> work, from the brainstorming and development of ideas to drudgery
> of making websites. Regular tasks include: getting GNU/Linux
> running on devices, programming the next killer app using Pd and/or
> Python, building custom circuits for these devices, documenting the
> whole process with writing, photos, and video, and creating HOWTO
> webpages for people to do it themselves. I will do my best to make
> sure everyday you do something interesting and I expect you to do
> your best to commit to a certain amount of time each week and stick
> with it.
> Skills sought (you should have some experience in at least three of
> these):
> * HOWTO writing
> * photo/video documentation
> * soldering/electronics
> * circuit board design
> * GNU/Linux (Debian, Familiar, OpenEmbedded)
> * Pd (Pure Data)
> * Python
> * C/C++
> Please send a letter of interest to interninfo AT eyebeam DOT org
> with