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INTERN: Internship Opportunity with Internet Content Organization

>> The Internet Content Syndication Council is a little over a year-
>> old non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and
>> understanding of Internet content syndication as a mode of
>> marketing for advertisers, a source of low-cost, high-quality
>> content for publishers and a source of revenue for content
>> creators. We employ a strategy of events, publications,
>> facilitating interaction between members and public relations. The
>> content we produce is focused on setting standards and best
>> practices to lay a foundation for growth.
>> We are seeking a college or graduate student looking for part-time
>> work to help us take our organization to the next level. This is a
>> good opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an organization
>> that has the potential to shape how content is created and shared
>> for the next generation. This person will report to the Executive
>> Director of the organization, and this could lead to full-time
>> employment upon graduation.
>> This person will help the organization in the following areas: