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INTERN: Yahoo! Mail Tools Summer Internship *PAID*

> Job Description
> Position: Yahoo! Mail Tools Summer Internship *PAID*
> 12 weeks, pay scales with degree level, scales from ~22-~38/hr
> apply to:
> “There is a pleasure in creating well-written, understandable
> programs.
> There is a satisfaction in finding a program structure that tames the
> complexity of an application. We enjoy seeing our algorithms
> expressed
> clearly and persuasively. We also profit from our clearly written
> programs,
> for they are much more likely to be correct and maintainable than
> obscure
> ones.”
> – Samuel Harbison
> Passionate about the internet and email? Interested in working with
> one of the
> world’s largest datasets?
> With active users numbering in the hundreds of millions and storage
> measured
> in tens of petabytes, Yahoo! Mail is one of the fastest-growing, most
> challenging environments in our industry.
> Yahoo! Mail is hiring a summer intern to help build the
> infrastructure that
> shapes and drives our products. Our challenges are often unique due
> to the
> scale of our systems. Because of this, you should be prepared to
> quickly pick
> up new skills and be confident in your ability to solve complex
> problems.
> We’re flexible on skills and interests and have a wide variety of
> projects
> available for summer interns, however some basic skills are necessary.
> Areas of interest:
> * Data Visualization; Tufte nerds. Due to the scale of our
> operations we have
> many, many terabytes of usage, performance and other data
> available and are
> interested in new and interesting visualizations.
> * User Interface/User Experience Design; we’re constantly
> challenged with
> finding graceful ways to convey complex data and processes.
> * Database design, Data warehousing, Mining; See above re: lots of
> data.
> Minimum Job Qualifications:
> * Strong UNIX computing background.
> * Strong knowledge of C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python or other modern
> languages.
> * Excellent programming skills; a fundamental understanding of what
> makes
> clear, maintainable and extensible code, a passion for details and
> the
> ability to execute are all requirements.
> * Good documentation skills.
> We provide:
> * A laid-back work environment.
> * The opportunity to work with very smart people solving unique and
> challenging problems.
> * Experience working with one of the largest dynamic datasets in
> the world.
> Yahoo! Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. For more information
> or to
> search all of our openings, please visit