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INTERN: Three interns positions at Eyebeam

> Eyebeam’s technology department seeks assistance from a creative
> technologist who loves to play with the latest technology, both
> hardware and software. But you will also love the challenge of
> bringing back to life abandoned more vintage models. Come work
> with some of the most innovative new media artists in new york, i
> guarantee the work will never be boring as you satisfy your quest
> for scientific knowledge to use for practical purposes. We work
> with a wide range of equipment, unix servers, apple desktops,
> windows desktops; we have pre and post production suites, a sound
> editing station, laser cutters, sewing machines and a love for open
> source.
> This is a non-paid, part-time position/internship for a minimum of
> three months. Must be dependable, trustworthy, and have the ability
> to work autonomously and as part of a team. Qualified candidates
> will be familiar with a variety of technological equipment and
> comfortable working in an ever changing environment . Familiarity
> with hardware, unix operating systems, networks, database systems,
> use of wikis, drupal is a plus, but we’re most interested in
> finding someone eager to learn within our creative and high tech
> community.
> Please send an email with your resum