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Summer internship at Meetup

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I work in Team Development at =
Meetup, Inc, and we’re located right down on Broadway and Bleecker. =A0We’re=
a growing technology company (currently at 60 employees) and we’re interest=
ed in bringing on a couple summer interns to help our tech team out. =A0Meet=
up’s mission is to revitalize local community and help people around the wor=
ld self-organize. Meetup believes that people can change their personal worl=
d, or the whole world, by organizing themselves into groups that are powerfu=
l enough to make a difference. =A0(You can find out more information about M=
eetup at
Here is a link to the Software Engineering Inte=
rnship: =A0
We’re looking to potentially bring on 2 – 3 students to help us =
out for the summer. =A0They would be working directly with our development t=
eam and we’re very flexible in terms of start/end dates. =A0Ideally, we’d lo=
ve to bring students in for the entire summer, so they can get some real-lif=
e experience working at a successful startup here in New York. =A0We’re open=
to either a paid internship, or unpaid if students are receiving college cr=
edits for their work. =A0
Interested students can s=
ubmit their cover letters and resumes to =, or can contact me directly if they have any questions.

Erin Dertouzos=


Team Development Associ=
Meetup, Inc.
Phone:=A0 646/442-6672
Interested in worki=
ng at Meetup or know anyone else who might be? =A0
Check =