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Brooklyn Digital – Summer internship opportunity (begins April 6)

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The Brooklyn Digital Foundry is looking for a full-time in=
tern to provide project management support and interactive design/programmin=
g support on small-to-medium-size web-based projects. Potential candidates s=
hould possess an intermediate level of experience in XHTML, CSS, JavaScript,=
and ActionScript 3 (Flash) programming, along with excellent personal commu=
nication skills.
The terms of employment are flexible outside of being full-time. Co=
mpensation rate will be commensurate with experience. The internship positio=
n opens April 6 and ends the last week of August 2009. The interview process=
begins this Monday, March 30. Potential candidates should send a resume, pr=
ofessional cover letter, and a list of applicable URLs of previous work to
Our background:

We=92re a boutique multi-media firm doing work in the architectural, fash=
ion, and arts, and online publications industries. Our work ranges widely fr=
om graphic design and branding services to video production and interactive =
programming/design. Check out our site for more details. Questions can also =
be directed to the email above.

John Szot

Technical Director
Brooklyn=A0Digital Foundry