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INTERN: Tech intern for Poke New York

>> From: Aaron Rutledge
>> Date: May 11, 2009 11:43:22 PM EDT
>> To: Shawn Van Every
>> Subject: tech intern
>> Tech Intern
>> Poke New York is looking for a whip-smart developer to help us
>> bring some cool ideas to life. We’re looking for someone who’s
>> into MVC and PHP (we > You’ll be helping out on real projects (no monkey work!), and get
>> to see first-hand how creative technology projects come in for
>> pitch, get landed, and get delivered. We’re a small & passionate
>> team of multi-disciplinary coders, designers, and thinkers that
>> make real things happen every day. Check out our portfolio at
>> and to see the things
>> we’ve been up to.
>> Is the internship paid?
>> Yes and no. There’s no paycheck involved; this is an experience
>> internship. BUT, we know how tough it can be getting started, so
>> we’ll spring for lunch when you’re here and a metrocard to help
>> you get home at night.
>> Do I have to be available full-time?
>> That would be ideal, but we can be flexible. Make an impression
>> that leads us to believe we can’t live without you, and we’ll take
>> what we can get.
>> Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?
>> Yep! We understand that working without pay for a summer can be
>> tough. But the truth is, this is a tough industry. We’re offering
>> you a chance to show your chops on REAL projects. If you do that
>> during your internship, then yes, there is the potential for you
>> to be hired.
>> My school requires some forms and other stuff in order for me to
>> get credit for an internship…
>> No problem. You take care of getting all that stuff in front of
>> us, and we’ll get it signed so you get all the credit you can.