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INTERN: NBCU iTV/Mobile Product Development Internships (paid)

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Interactive TV/Mobile Product Development Interns (paid)
NBC Universal is seeking motivated interns to work with the In=
teractive Media Product Team on the cutting edge of innovative new technolog=


Candidates will =
have the unique opportunity to learn firsthand about
how interactivity is=
incorporated into broadcast/cable environments,
as well as gaining expos=
ure to interactivity on cable/satellite/iptv set top boxes,
synchronous w=
eb/WAP shows, DVR, and other emergent iTV platforms.  Opportunities to =
work with the mobile team are available as well, working with SMS, MMS, WAP,=
Mobile Downloadable Applications, and mobile videos. =
Interns will be thrust into a high-tech, fast-paced and dynamic envi=
ronment where they will gain a hands-on experience of the constantly changin=
g interactive world.


All Candidates must posses the following skills:
* Self sufficiency an=
d the ability to work independently to complete projects
* Excellent Orga=
nizational skills

* Curiosity/desire to explore new, u=
nfamiliar concepts
* Strong technical aptitude
* Strong oral communication and presentation skills
* Receptive to constructive criticism
* Work well in a t=
eam environment


The Position Development/QA=
interns will have the opportunity to work directly with NBC Universal=92s i=
TV Technologists and Operators in the heart of New York City.  Interns will gain experience building new technologies and e=
xploring existing technologies.  Responsibiliti=
es may include developing methods by which current systems may be enhanced. 
NBC Universal Interactive Media interns will b=
e involved in all projects within the group.  B=
asic familiarity with technology is a must.  Pr=
ogramming experience is not required; however, experience with Flash, PHP, P=
erl, and/or Java is a plus.
 Interns will also be responsible for testing and ensuring the quality =
of new technology releases within NBC Universal.  This unique opportunity to help verify the quality of our interactive pro=
ducts in the last step before they are released into our broadcast environme=
nt is a tremendous learning opportunity.  Inter=
ns will be directly exposed to the on-air issue escalation process for show =
outages in a real-time, fast-paced environment.

 Interested candidates should contact ITP Alumna, Myr=
a Einstein, iTV Technologist, at