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INTERN: Wildlife Observation and Sensing: Interactive Telecommunications in the Natural World

Two interns needed to work on  a cross-disciplinary collaboration between a Professor Anthony di Fiore, a primate field biologist and Tom Igoe (me) to explore how developing telecommunications and microcontroller technologies might be applied to the study of wild animals in their natural environments. The principal aim of the project is to develop, prototype, and field-test several autonomous, deployable, microcontroller-based data collection systems for specific wildlife biology applications — namely, Dr. di Fiore’s study of New World monkeys in eastern Ecuador.   During the fall, we will be researching existing technologies for primate and other small species tracking in order to determine which, if any are feasible for our work.  We will also evaluate radio and sensor technologies for possible use in new telemetry devices.

ITP Interns will work together with anthropology researchers on technical evaluation of a wide range of issues from radio collars to wireless networks to electronics power management issues to database management.  We need people who are comfortable with the electronic aspects of physical computing and who have good research skills.  An interest in monkeys is essential.

There is no stipend for this internship, but interns will get course credit and the opportunity to apply their skills the the problems faced by field biologists.

Contact Tom Igoe at to apply.