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INTERN: paid with documentary filmmaker

This is a paid internship with Gail Pellett, a documentary filmmaker

Part-time/internship for rare talent combining new media savvy with critical, analytical skills of journalist/doc filmmaker to assist seasoned filmmaker, radio producer and writer with Word Press site (already designed and coded) gathering 40 years of documentaries for tv and radio and pre-digital feature length articles. Must be experienced with various software for capturing freeze frame stills (VLC), video and audio clips (isoft Media Converter/flash converter/Audacity) and transforming long print articles from scanner to Word doc.   Also strong design sensibility for pushing the format envelope of the Word Press options and the critical research skills to create links for background and context as well as updates on wide range of subject matter.  Experience with creating and interlinking social network options to site. Then the imagination and persuasiveness to make me think differently about everything!

Gail Pellett <>